´Hatraklin´-meat & wine Bistro is an intimate and warm space located in a restored building on  Heical Hatalmud 

First opened its doors eight years ago, the restaurant offers a specialized menu of high quality meat dishes, alongside a large variety of local boutique wines.

The restaurant also offers a number of private rooms for more intimate dining.

one of our special activities is "Master Market" cUlinary tour in the Carmel market 

           Address:Heical Hatalmud 4  St. Tel Aviv 
Seats: 140
 Opening Hours: Every day of the week (by reservations)
איש קשר:

Yossi, Manager
טלפון: 03-5660013
נייד: 054-4552748
דואר אלקטרוני: yossibo1@gmail.com
משלוח דואר: Heical Hatalmud 4Tel Aviv,

 Prices listed are in NIS


Cauliflower in Pesto Aioli 28

Roasted Eggplant with Yogurt or Tehina 28

Chopped Liver 32

Merguez Sausages with Chimichuri 36

Home made Ikra 28

Moroccan bread, baked on hot pebbles 18


Antipasti of roasted vegetables 48

Assorted Roots Salad 38

Chicken liver Paté 52
With a crust of figs, dates and nuts, served with an Onion marmalade

Sirloin Carpaccio 52
With Pesto and Parmesan

Italian Artichokes 58
Baked with cherry tomatoes,mushrooms and goat cheese

Bruschetta of mini-kebabs 52

Charcuterie Sausages

Toulouse– Veal and Pecorino cheese 48

Mexican–Beef and Chipotle peppers 48

Porte-Beef, Lamb, Port and black Plums 48
Sicilian–Beef, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Capers and Oregano 48

Main Courses
Seared Sirloin 132
Finely sliced raw Sirloin served with a hot stone for individual roasting,
Baked garlic, Chimichuri and a home made mustard sauce

Crusty Chicken Livers 86
Coated in bread crumbs and served with mashed potatoes
and red wine reduction

Charcuterie Sausage Duet 96
Two sausages of your choice, served with beer cooked cabbage
and fried potatoes

Lamb Siniya(Meat patty) 96
Kebab trio backed with eggplant, tomatoes Salsa and Tehini

Spring chicken 88
Grilled spring chicken cuts on Moroccan bread, sautéed onions,
Roasted peppers, fresh green leafs and Tehini

Chopped steak 86
Sirloin, Fillet and Entrecote chopped by hand, served with mashed potatoes
and red wine reduction

House burger 78
Served on a toasted bun with French fries and a cream and truffles sauce

Roka steak 118
Rump steak stripes on a fresh green salad with Parmesan, baked potatoes
and sautéed onions

Entrecote steak 168
400gr Entrecote cut with truffle puree, served on a burning plate

Butchers Cut 154
300gr skewered fresh meat (MR) with potatoes, Chimichuri and Atlantic salt

Porter House900gr 298
T-Bone cut, Sirloin and Filet, grilled with the bone, served MR with potatoes


Artichoke and Ricotta cheese Ravioli 86
With Caponatta sauce (tomato, mushroom and eggplant stew)

Potato gnocchi 86
With cream and truffles sauce

Mediterranean salad 68
Fresh green leaves, artichokes, roasted pepper, onions, garlic, cauliflower
and parmesan


Death by Chocolate 52
Three layered Chocolate desert with Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Cream
and a Coffee Chocolate mousse

Petit fours 58
An assortment of hand made bite-size chocolate desserts

Banana Financier 52
Caramelized Bananas on a Financier pastry with home made sorbet
and toffee sauce

Mediterranean Knafeh 58
Angel hair pastry with Ricotta cheese, apples and pears

Vanilla Malabie 42
Traditional Middle Eastern cream dessert with date honey

Two flavored Sorbet 48
On a fresh fruit salad and date honey



Master Market-Culinary Tour Of The Carmel Market

The  Carmelmarket is the biggest market in Tel Aviv,

We invite you to join us to a culinary tour in the  Carmel market and The Yemenite quarter.

Together we will discover a new world in the heart of the city,

We will meet extraordinary people that are all living their dream, we will take you to hidden and magical places inside the market.

Throughout the tour we will experience different tastes off coffee, wine, herbs, spices, the best local thini and local halva that is made in the market and much more!

We will finish the tour with a 10 course meal in a gourmet restaurant "Hatraklin"

 Master Market link


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